All of our operatives undergo full site specific safety induction training during initial recruitment which is regularly reviewed and assessed on an annual basis. This provides continued competence to ensure minimal disruption to productivity through potential incidents and accidents.
Individuals are also selected from groups of willing volunteers to undergo further safety training in areas such as first aid, fire marshal, gas awareness and spill response.
FLT training for around 10 operatives is also carefully managed to ensure coverage for all necessary departments, this helps to maintain a constant flow of raw materials in, and finished goods out of our manufacturing facility.
Our Transport department consists of ADR Qualified class 1 and 2 drivers who are trained to operate a wide range of vehicles including Gas Tankers.
Aztec Aerosols are currently working in association with Total People, who are providing the training framework and work based assessments for two under 25 apprentices, who are directly employed by the company.
The two young apprentices are undergoing a warehouse apprenticeship working at Level 2. The company has decided to set their pay rates higher than the minimum requirements for workplace apprentices and will be offering both individuals a permanent position with Aztec Aerosols upon satisfactory completion of the twelve month training scheme.

Jason Law

Jason is aged 21 and joined the company on 4th January 2016. He is due to complete his apprenticeship very soon.

Since joining the company Jason has been exposed to a wide variety of work within the warehousing and transport sector, including booking deliveries onto the outgoing transport system and also being involved in monitoring some quality issues. He has also gained his forklift licence and is very happy in his work and easily adaptable to new situations. He is currently working in our second warehouse for finished goods, based at Aztec Chemicals.

Samuel McLaughlin

Sam joined the company on 18th July 2016. He is currently half way through his Level 2 apprenticeship with Aztec Aerosols.

Sam has been developing steadily since joining Aztec Aerosols and is working within stock control, an important area within the business directly related to the company’s profitability. He assists in the keeping of appropriate data records to maintain tight inventory control and security of the stocks and raw materials. He also assists in physical stock taking and ensuring the correct rotation of stock.

Sam is enjoying his employment with Aztec Aerosols and is working well in the team!