Aerosol Filling

Our state-of-the-art automatic aerosol filling machinery makes light work of all parts of aerosol manufacturing.

Aerosol Filling

An aerosol is made up of several basic components:

  • An aerosol can
  • The product
  • The propellant
  • A valve
  • An actuator
  • A dust cap

Here at Aztec Aerosols, these all have to be assembled, and this is achieved using automatic filling machinery.

  1. Our process starts with an empty container which is either made from tinplate or aluminium.
  2. The empty containers travel along the production line and the bespoke product, in the form of a liquid, is added to the can. This contains all of the active ingredients.
  3. The volume of liquid is very carefully controlled to ensure that it conforms to Weights & Measures legislation.
  4. Our state of the art equipment then fits the Aerosol valve to the can.
  5. From there, the cans continue along the production line and the machinery injects the propellant, under pressure, through the valve. The aerosol is now in a pressurised state due to the addition of the propellant.
  6. Once filled, the cans are tested for leaks.
  7. Once tested for leaks the weight of the can is checked to ensure the correct fill.
  8. The actuator is then fitted and the cans are date and batch coded, to ensure full traceability, before the cap is applied.
  9. If labelling is required the cans will pass through a labelling machine applying either wet glue or self-adhesive labels.
  10. The product is boxed or shrink wrapped ready for dispatch.

We run three fully automated filling lines, two indexing machines that have high output but allow for flexibility of formulation type, and a newly installed high speed rotary line with capability filling up to 10,000 cans per hour perfect for larger runs of product.

We can accommodate Tin plate and Aluminum cans in a wide range of sizes, labelling can be seam registered or wrap round, tactile labels can be applied as can straw and tape. End of line choices include various box configurations or shrink wrap.

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