Production Capabilities

Aztec produce products through four lines, three of which are fully automated and one which is used to carry out bespoke filling and is more manual but flexible.
Print options are

  • Full Litho
  • Generic Litho
  • SASO self adhesive shrink on label
  • High quality self adhesive label
  • UV screen print

Whilst mainly using Tin plate we can accommodate certain Aluminium can sizes.


  • We carry over 2000 formulations in house
  • We can blend on site
  • Utilise customer formulations or blends


  • Four Terco lines
  • LPG 40, 70. DME,CO2, 1234ze gases
  • Pre charge filling
  • Capacity up to 20 million cans per annum.

This is SASO labelling allowing pre fill high specification wrap round labelling or standard labelling minimising waste and maximising output.

This is the end of our second production line, here the aerosols are packed up and then transferred to our warehouse where they will await delivery.