Production Capabilities

At Aztec Aerosols we have 1 semi-automated and 3 fully automated aerosol filling lines, capable of filling both commercial and industrial products. An extensive range of raw materials are held in stock, these include hydrocarbon solvents, oils, greases and a wide range of perfumes.

We implement stringent quality control procedures through the numerous stages of the aerosol assembly process. From the initial blending of the raw materials to the finished, palletised product.

We use 100% water bathed cans and all cans are crimp and weight checked to ensure a high quality.

Product Blending

All our products are blended on site, in our purpose built blending facility by our team of blending personnel, who have an extensive range of raw materials at their disposal. These materials include hydrocarbon solvents, oils, greases, perfumes of various fragrances, silicones and powders which can be blended into anything from water based cleaners to thick grease based lubricants. We have a comprehensive QC procedure in place and every blend is tested for smell, color, consistency and SG, in line with our ISO9001 quality standard. We have the capability to bulk fill larger vessels from 250ltr drums to 1000ltr IBC’s if the customer requires.

Double Index Lines

We have two high speed, double index lines that we utilize to concentrate on larger runs and line marking paints of varying colors. Each of these lines has a six head product dispenser with a split fill capability allowing us to fill from a couple of grams up to 1ltrs. Automatic valve inserter’s and crimpers allow speeds of up to 60 unit’s p/m. All cans are 100% water bathed. Crimp checkers and check weighers ensure that we have a high quality finished product. Both of these lines are able to run various capacity sized cans both tin plate and aluminum, ranging from 50mm up to 65mm in diameter, and gases LPG 40, 70, DME, Nitrogen and R134A as standard.

Single Index Line

We also have a high speed, rotary index machine which concentrates on the more bespoke products, for example Metered air fresheners. The single index line has 3 product filling heads and split fill capability and is also fully automated allowing a speed of up to 40 unit’s p/m.

As with the double index line, this machine is able to run various capacity sized cans ranging from 50mm up to 65mm diameter in both tin plate and aluminum, Gases include LPG 40, 70, DME, R134A, Nitrogen and Co2 as standard and any specialized gasses upon request.

Single Index Unit Line

For our customers that require a smaller run of aerosols we have a semi-automatically operated single index unit line. This line is used for aerosol runs that have as little as 600 units and offers the same can sizes and gassing solutions as the larger double index lines.

The single unit line can also be used for the filling of small liquid packs and pour packs that do not require gassing, such as wood hardeners, engine flushes and glass cleaners.

Liquid Filling

Although the majority of our business generated is contract aerosol filling, we also have a range of automated liquid filling machines. This gives us the capacity to fill numerous sized containers and buckets ranging from 20gm purse sprays all the way up to 25ltr plastic and metal containers. This service includes brake cleaner, maintenance spray, screen wash and hand wipes for hard surface cleaning or graffiti removal.

This is the end of our second production line, here the aerosols are packed up and then transferred to our warehouse where they will await delivery.

This is our fourth production line where we can fill multiple types of Aerosols. We are able to run the full, filling, capping, charging and packing process through this production line.