Private Labelling

Labelling & Printing

Here at Aztec Aerosols we deliver the whole package. We can supply cans ready labelled, whether they be silk-screen printed or lithographed, to your own individual requirements. We will work with you throughout the process, from the initial concept to the final product, whilst ensuring that your packaging complies with all the relevant health and safety legislation. No matter whether you’re ordering 600 cans or 600,000 cans, you are guaranteed the same amount of detailed care and attention from our team.

Silk Screen Printing

At Aztec Aerosols we have our own on site facility that allows us to screen print directly onto aerosol cans. This is beneficial to us because it allows us to print the bespoke jobs that our customers only require in smaller volumes.

Labelled Products

As part of our service here at Aztec Aerosols, we can add self-adhesive or wet glue applied labels to your cans. These can be produced batch by batch for you and means that the added process of labelling the cans after they have been delivered to you is removed.

Litho-Generic Cans

Litho-Generic printing is a cost effective way of labelling multiple different products within one range. By utilising our screen print facilities the product name, directions and any health and safety requirements can be printed directly on to your cans.

Full Lithographed Cans

Through our experience of working directly with aerosol can manufacturers, we can manage the production of full lithographed cans for subsequent filling.

Watch Our UV Printing Machine In Action