Aztec Aerosols have always invested in screen printing as a valuable asset to our business and in turn, our customers. A result of continued development and research into the wider worldwide market, we have found methods to keep improving the service we provide. The below article has been created to help demonstrate our commitment to improving our Screen Printing Processes.

The S-106LED 3 Colour Automatic UVLED Screen Printing Machine

Here at Aztec, we have noticed an increase in demand for high quality screen printed cans. As a result of this, we found it necessary to improve our facilities to cope with demand. To investigate further, we sent a team out to china to take part in a research and development exercise. The resulting investment saw Aztec purchase a S-106LED, a 3 colour automatic UVLED Screen Printing Machine.

Two Teams, Two Different Processes, one high quality outcome

Whilst the S-106LED has been designed to increase screen printing output, Aztec have also recognised the need to develop skills within the department. To help with this, a specialist screen printing technical operative has been brought in to both operate the new equipment as well as maintain and improve existing systems. This has proven to not only help keep a steady flow of aerosol cans, but also to reduce on downtime and waste. The two processes now work with an ever increasing level of quality and efficiency. This is thanks to both investment in equipment and staff.

From Concept to Creation

We at Aztec have always taken pride in the scale of the service we provide. Feel free to contact us with your ideas for aerosol products, you might be surprised to find how much we can offer to you and your brand!