We are delighted to announce Aztec’s first Million Pound Month! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our manufacturing and sales teams, Aztec Aerosols have reached over £1,000,000 in invoicing during March.

Targets and Goals

Aztec are always trying to aim higher, setting new targets as we go to test the efficiency of our facilities. Earlier in the year our sales team saw an opportunity to set one of our highest targets yet, One Million Pounds in invoicing! It was important however not to change our processes or procedures to suit. We always put Quality, Safety and the Environment first. To add to the weight of expectation laid upon us in March, we also completed (and passed) a management systems audit within the same time frame!

Aztec managed to complete this record month without the need for any extra working hours or staff. In the past it has been standard procedure to employ extra agency-based staff and to put on extra shifts. But in this case neither have been required. This is testament to the improved efficiency and running of our manufacturing facility. Less downtime and non-conforming products are being recorded. Along with an improvement in attendance and a high level of morale.

A Huge Thank You to all of the Team

Aztec would like to express a deep gratitude to everyone involved. The entire team, from cleaners all the way up to Directors, have played a part in what has been our most successful month ever. Please continue to keep up the good work!