Anti – Covid 19 Products Range

Anti – Covid 19 Products Range

Aerosol Products for Today’s World

Aztec Aerosol are a leading contract manufacturing Aerosol supplier to the UK market, specialising in large volume custom brand & own label (Azpro Professional Range) aerosol, products.

In uncertain times our customers can rely on our dedicated
approach to developing and adapting aerosol products to
suit the environment we now find ourselves living in!

We believe our latest range of aerosol products will
make a real difference in the lives of consumers.

Anti Bacterial Products

New Antibacterial Surface Spray:

  • Created as an Industrial strength product
  • High level of alcohol 90% + ensuring for optimal Bacteria removal
  • Contains an active biocide ingredient for even greater destruction of germs
  • Has a pleasant citrus fragrance
  • Leaves areas with that “hospital fresh smell”
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces including worktops, door handles, machinery and banisters
  • Helps protect all touch points from potential contamination
  • Available as Azpro Professional Range or own branded products

New Odourkill Air Freshener

  • An industrial strength air freshener
  • Contains alcohol helping to eradicate germs and bacteria
  • High output discharge, helping to cover large areas
  • Available in a range of fragrances
  • Could be sold as Azpro Professional Range or customer own branded products, subject to min quantities

New Aircon Cleaner

  • Cleans air conditioning in all types of vehicles
  • Gives a pleasant fragrance
  • Prevent stale stagnant air and deposits forming in filters
  • Available in Azpro Professional Range or own branded products

Anti – Covid 19 Products

The above anti bacterial products are a small sample of our Azpro Professional Range & own brand range that are focused on bringing a high level of hygiene and cleanliness to any environment, these products are primarily focused on reducing the impact of bacteria and virus’s on the world around us. Their key strengths are reducing transmissions throughout the population. All of our products are certified as safe for use and are regulated to FEA standards.